Tudor Restoration

About This Project:

Assessment: This multi-unit Tudor-style home sits on a beautiful lot with a large yard and blooming flowers at the base of the home. The homeowners were concerned about the plants during production, so LIME took extra precautions to ensure the safety of the garden. From a paint standpoint the Tudor siding creates many horizontal ledges for moisture to rest. LIME noticed cracks in the paint starting at the seams where boards would meet. This was the result of missing or split caulking. There were also a number of areas where paint had lost its adhesion from the wood substrate, not only on water prone areas but also in areas you would not suspect to have extensive paint failure. This pointed to evidence that the last time the home was painted it was with a standard non-premium coating.  

Advice: With all Tudor homes, LIME takes the time to ensure a maximum water seal, caulking all the seams and joints where the boards meet each other and other substrates. Sealing these seams with a premium caulking ensures that moisture does not prematurely wear the paint. In conjunction with sealing the seams, LIME also put a coat of peel bond primer on the ends of most Tudor boards. Due to the extensive paint that was scraped off, LIME pre-primed a number of fascia and Tudor boards with Prime RX Peel Bond Primer to ensure that the old paint that was still adhered would have integrity moving forward.


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