There is a right time and a wrong time of year to paint your home


Understanding the Painting Seasons

The painting experience in Wisconsin is best understood by our Midwestern changes in seasons. More simply, as the seasons change, painters cycle back and forth between two production seasons: interior and exterior. A first thought might be that these seasons are dictated by a painter’s preferences, or a crew’s tolerance for the cold or rain. Perhaps surprisingly, the single largest factor is actually the products themselves. 

So, when is the best time to have the interior of your home painted, and when should you get the exterior painting done? Keep reading to learn the best times for your project, and why it is that way. 

Ideal Painting Seasons

For interior painting and wood restoration projects, late October until April are the best production months. Then, as winter begins to show signs of leaving and each day is a little longer, it is time to begin thinking about exterior projects. The seasonal transition period between March and April are the best months to begin the quoting and planning process for exterior projects, especially if you plan on using a professional painting company, such as LIME Painting of Milwaukee.  Painter’s schedules begin to fill up as the estimates convert into painting service agreements. 

Painting and Coating Specifications

Paint and other coatings always come with manufacturer recommendations for application. Beyond the information on preparation and application, they also include temperature requirements. This is for a very important reason.  

Paint and coatings need several days to fully cure. Not adhering to the temperature guidelines can affect the durability and longevity of the paint or coating, and may cause it to crack, become stained, or get mildew. Therefore, painters must verify temperatures before applying any coating so that it lasts as long as it should. It is not just the air temperature that painters need to worry about, but also the temperatures of the substrates, or the surfaces the coatings will be applied to. Infrared thermometers quickly measure the surface temperature of a substrate to ensure we are meeting product requirements.  This is of particular importance for areas to be coated in shadowy areas, like the north side of a structure. 

Exterior painting is restricted to when the nighttime temperatures are consistently in the 50’s, so the substrates can warm back up. That is why no exterior project should begin if the temperature has not stabilized.  And that is why the best time to complete your interior painting projects is during the winter months, assuming the work is being performed in a climate controlled environment with air temperatures of at least 50 degrees. As expected, the demand for exterior painting during the warmer months is also higher when compared to interior.  This may mean finding a painter to complete an interior job in the summer may be tricky. 

Longevity and The Importance of Proper Preparation

Mother Nature plays a huge role in your coating system’s longevity as wind, sun, rain, and snow all deteriorate coatings over time. Most people understand how these factors play a role in breaking down coatings.  Less thought of but just as significant, the constant freezing and thawing cycles also accelerate a coating system's breakdown. Depending on the quality of the products used, the weather, and most importantly the preparation prior to any application, an exterior paint refresh is needed to keep your home protected and looking beautiful every 5 to 15 years. LIME Painting of Milwaukee has an extensive preparation process to ensure the work we complete provides a long term solution. A meticulous preparation is one of the most important steps in the painting process.  Proper preparation ensures your coating system has the ideal profile necessary for a coating to be applied correctly, providing you with the best conditions for a long lasting coating solution.  

Best Time To Get An Estimate

If you are considering an interior project, requesting an estimate in early Fall to book your project for the winter production months is best.  Interior projects will begin wrapping up around the middle of March.

For exterior projects, estimates can be requested as early as February.  Though it’s not unusual for folks to want to wait until the snow is gone and the temperature improves, a professional assessment can be performed regardless of the weather.  April through October are usually LIME Painting’s busiest months with exterior projects such as painting, staining, door restoration, deck refinishing and so on, and it may be difficult to get your projects booked if you wait too long.

If you are reading this and thinking about an exterior project this year, it is not too soon (or too late!) to get a quote and plan ahead. It is not uncommon for us to be booked months out with projects during the spring and summer season. Booking early ensures your project will be scheduled on the books, and that you will not have to wait weeks or months to get your project completed.

LIME Painting is Your Go-To For Painting Projects

If you have an interior or exterior painting project planned this year, LIME Painting of Milwaukee is prepared to help! From a full exterior restoration to a complete interior color change, our expert craftsmen will deliver results that leave a lasting impression.


Get in touch with us today at (262) 600-3520 to schedule your personal on-site consultation and free estimate.


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There is a right time and a wrong time of year to paint your home
There is a right time and a wrong time of year to paint your home

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