First and Only High-End Painting Franchise Opens in Milwaukee, WI

LIME Painting of Milwaukee

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OCONOMOWOC, WI. – LIME Painting – the first and only high-end painting franchise –

is continuing to expand nationwide and kicking off the new year with its first location in

Wisconsin. With the help of Wisconsin native and franchise owner, Craig Kowalczyk,

LIME Painting will provide over 40 painting and restoration services to luxury homes and

businesses in the Milwaukee area, beginning with Lake Country, on February 1st, 2022.


“I’ve lived in and around Milwaukee for all of my life and I can confidently say that a

niche brand like LIME Painting will be successful here,” said Craig Kowalczyk,

Milwaukee LIME Painting Franchisee. “I am thrilled for the chance to work within my

community and be able to offer LIME’s fantastic services to the beautiful mansions and

custom, lake-front homes throughout the Milwaukee area.”


Craig Kowalczyk is proud to have been born and raised in Milwaukee. Prior to becoming

a LIME Painting owner, Kowalczyk developed many relevant skills that complement the

services offered by LIME Painting of Milwaukee. While working as a property adjuster,

Kowalczyk mastered skills such as assessing property damage and understanding how

weathering and deterioration can affect the integrity and beauty of a structure.


Kowalczyk also worked in real estate development and commercial appraisal work.

These jobs provided him with a complete understanding of how property layout affects

the stability of a structure, as well as the benefit of using high performing products.

Kowalczyk is excited to be able to offer his expertise to the Milwaukee market.


“Milwaukee has a rich tradition of elegant, custom homes and many high-quality

communities and upscale neighborhoods,” said Nick Lopez, Founder and CEO of LIME

Painting. “We are thrilled to help new and current Milwaukee residents fall in love with

their homes and businesses.”


As more people spend time working inside their homes or offices, the demand for a

change in scenery to liven up living and working spaces has increased. To address this

need, LIME Painting offers 40 different painting, coating, and surface restoration


Additionally, LIME’s values of love, integrity, mission, and excellence motivate

them to provide the best service possible using the highest quality products to maintain

the aesthetic and structure of luxury properties. Whether it’s a standard repaint or a

custom restoration job for a heavily distressed home, LIME is prepared to take on tasks

and exceed customers’ expectations.


“There are countless luxury properties all over the country that can benefit from our

services,” said Lopez. “With over 40 painting and restoration options to choose from,

there is something for everyone and we are thrilled Craig will share that with the

Milwaukee community.”


To learn more about LIME Painting of Milwaukee and the services they offer, visit 

or call (262) 600-3520.

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First and Only High-End Painting Franchise Opens in Milwaukee, WI
First and Only High-End Painting Franchise Opens in Milwaukee, WI

LIME Painting opens a new location in the Milwaukee area and offers more than 40 services to custom and luxury home owners and businesses.