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LIME Does More Than Paint

From new construction to repaints and restoration needs, LIME provides industry-leading masonry installation, sealing, and restoration.

Around a custom property there can be many masonry-based substrates, and just like any other surface they turn over with time due to the elements. Whether it is brick siding, stamped concrete, or stone surfaces such as accent pieces and flagstone, the scope of work varies from sidewalks to patios and fireplaces, and LIME has the expertise to assess these and advise you on a custom solution.

Coatings Run Down

Sealers and paints are the two types of coatings used for masonry systems. Determining the best solution will depend upon the desired outcome. For example, acid stains are great for aesthetics but not as great for performance. Sealers are excellent for performance, and in some cases the right package consists of combining the two. Let a LIME Advisor assist you in finding a custom solution for your project.

Tip: Using a masonry primer on a brick siding home is key to locking in the pores and providing a surface with integrity for the topcoat to adhere to. Once the bare brick surface has been coated with a masonry primer, a high-performance paint is the best choice.

Coating for Aesthetics and Performance?

Just like any other substrate, masonry-based surfaces become porous over time and begin to crack and crumble. To prevent the elements from continuing to compromise the integrity of the masonry-based surface, masonry-based coating systems freeze this process.

Tip: There are many different sealer finishes—such as a wet look or satin—that provide aesthetic appeal. However, you can apply a natural look that will result in a finish that is visually nonexistent if you don’t want a sheen. You could even add traction additives to reduce the surface from being sleek.

Tuck-Pointing Is Key to Quality

Prior to coating the masonry surface, restoring it and ensuring integrity in the substrate is key. When it comes to masonry-based systems, grout is important for sealing the joints so that water doesn’t cause failure. However, grout turns over in time, so reestablishing the grout system is important for performance. This is a standard maintenance item.

Tip: Applying a wet look finish over touch-up grout work can help minimize the color difference between the new grout tone and the existing grout that is already weathered.

Brick Accents Add Style to a Property

From an aesthetic standpoint, whether you’re updating interior or exterior walls, it is appealing to add brick and/or stone to different features of a property. LIME’s designers, Advisors, and craftsmen can help make this a reality for your home.

Tip: Aesthetically, the front of a home and around a fireplace are popular areas to face off with an accent brick. Talk about major curb appeal!

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