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Your front door is often someone's first impression of your home. Over the years, the heat, cold, sun, wind, rain and normal wear and tear begin to take their toll on them.  Now this once amazing part of your home has become faded and damaged.  The cost of replacing entry and garage doors on custom homes can be very expensive, so they are often forgotten or overlooked. 

There is an alternative to replacing worn entry and garage doors on custom and historic homes. LIME’s door restoration process transforms wood entry and garage doors to near new condition without harming the integrity of the wood or structure. 

Custom and historic homes often have doors designed specifically for them.  They are not easily replaceable with pre-fit doors from the local home improvement store. Custom doors often are surrounded with beautiful glass and metal accents as part of the design. Replacing a door that has become damaged and faded would not only forfeit the beauty of these features, but likely diminish the look of the entire home.. That is why restoring the doors is a more viable and less costly option. 

Our process ensures that the end result is beautiful and long-lasting. 

LIME Painting has an extensive preparation process when it comes to door restoration. This process ensures that the end result is beautiful and long lasting. From matching the original color of the stain to going lighter or darker than the original shade, or even removing the stain and painting it instead, LIME’s expertise and quality craftsmanship will make your door look practically brand new and help you fall in love with your entry all over again. 

If your entry or garage doors are beginning to show their age, appear weathered or worn, have sustained damage or if you’d just like a change, LIME Painting is the company to call! We will come out for an in-depth consultation and give you a free estimate. 

From selecting the perfect color to executing the final touches, LIME strives to make your experience with us easy, enjoyable, and refreshing, with results that leave a lasting impression. 

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